Month: April 2011

What next for Email Service Providers?

It’s been a very bad month for ESPs, companies that handle bulk mailings for their clients. Several of them have had internal security breaches, leaking client information, client mailing lists, or both. Many have also...

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Continued Data Leaks: The Game is Rigged

If the ESP breaches we’ve been reporting are Godzilla, Gamera, and other residents of Monster Island, then the PlayStation breach is the larger and more powerful MechaGodzilla. If the ESP breaches are planets in the solar system, the PlayStation breach is Jupiter — and the New York Yankees’ mistaken exposure of 20,000 ticketholders is poor, downgraded Pluto.

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Emailvision France hit by the ESP Gang

There's not too much to say about this, except it is Thursday, so it must be Emailviion's turn in the barrel, they are leaking Adobe spam. No word yet as to whose list this is. a spample can be found here CAUCE President...

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