Affiliations provided for professional identification purposes only; each member of the Board is participating solely in an individual capacity, rather than as a representative of any other organization.


Name Role Social platforms
John Levine President
Neil Schwartzman Executive Director
Kelly Molloy Executive Board (Director at-large)
Sam Masiello Treasurer
Matthew Vernhout Secretary   
Kurt Anderson Director-at-large
Tom Grasso Director-at-large
Mick Moran Director-at-large
Allison Nixon Director-at-large
Dave Piscitello Director-at-large
Joe St Sauver Director-at-large
Gary Warner Director-at-large

Industry Recognition:

Recipients of the M3AAWG Mary Litynski award (past and current board members):

  • 2023 – Chris Lewis
  • 2019 – Dave Piscitello
  • 2017 – Michael “Mick” Moran
  • 2013 – John Levine, Ph.D.
  • 2012 – J. D. Falk
  • 2011 – Neil Schwartzman