#C27 – Anti-spam Bill C-27, ECPA passed committee review and was referred back to the Canadian House of Commons, intact, at 17:30 yesterday.
It will be voted upon in the coming days, and then passed to the senate for two readings and votes, a commiteee review, and a final vote.
Word has it C-27 will become law by the end of the year.

CAUCE congratulates and thanks the members of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology for their hard work and considered deliberations.


Here is how it played out as spoken by Michael Chong, Chair, Standing Committee on Industry Science
& Technology:


I will call another question — shall the short title of the
bill carry? The short title of the bill is carried.

Shall the title of the bill carry? The title of the bill is

Shall the bill as amended carry? The bill as amended is

Shall the chair report the bill as amended to the house? I'll
report the bill amended to the house at my earliest opportunity.

Shall I ask the clerk of the committee to order a reprint of
the bill as amended for use in the house at report stage? I will instruct the
clerk to reprint the bill as amended.

Thank-you very much for your cooperation, this meeting is