We have all been patiently waiting for new regulations on CASL, they were expected before the governments summer vacation session, but sadly we will continue to wait.

Several industry organizations have been telling members that the CASL Regs V2 will slide into the Fall before being published. Factoring in this delay we are expecting to see CASL's enforcement begin in mid-2013. Thus providing additional time for organizations to become compliant with the Canadial Anti-Spam Leglislation. We have also reached out to our contacts at Industry Canada and recieve confirmation of the delay in publication of these regulations.

To Recap CASL's Journey:

  • 2004 – Canada's Federal Anti-Spam Task Force (FAST-F) is formed
  • 2005 – FAST-F's recomedations to the Government are published
  • 2009 – Electronic Commerce Protection Act (Bill C-27) ECPA is introduced
  • 2010 – May: Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (Bill C-28) FISA
  • 2010 – Decemnber: Bill C-28 is passed into Law with no short name
  • 2011 – CASL becomes the common name for Bill C-28
  • 201? – Enforcement of CASL to begin… ?

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