In reply to a request for support coming from the co-chairs of the Messaging Anti-abuse Working Group's Senders Subcommittee for their draft Best Practices document, CAUCE Canada issued the following statement:

To whom it may concern,
Having reviewed the document at, our comments are as follows:

We feel this additional point under Section 1 b) would be appropriate:

iii. Additional consideration must be reviewed for the secondary use of personally identifiable information, when considering contact outside of the original scope of consent provided by the email user,
while remaining in line with item 1 a) for each level of consent.

Additionally, we would be interested in co-sponsoring the document, pending final review of the edits made during the public consultation process.
Congratulations on an excellent piece of work.

Yours truly,

Neil Schwartzman
Chair, Board of Directors

CAUCE Canada: The Canadian Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email