CAUCE Canada, CAUCE U.S., and Asia-Pacific CAUCE (APCAUCE) have joined the London Action Plan (LAP). The LAP is a project started by government consumer protection
agencies like the US Federal Trade Commission, the UK Office of Fair
Trading, and the our governmental contingent includes both Industry
Canada and the Competition Bureau. Many European and Asian governments
participate as well.
CAUCE looks forward to working with the various governments to help
enforce the anti-spam laws that exist, to better understand how the
laws do and don't work, and to learn how better laws might be written.
CAUCE Chair Neil Schwartzman attended the meetings in London in
October, 2005.

We've also joined the Anti-Spyware Coalition, a group of makers of anti-spyware software and public interest groups. The ASC is hoping to build consensus about definitions and best practices in the area of spyware and other unwanted technologies. The group is made up of representatives from the Center for Democracy & Technology, the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, AOL, Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec and many others.
While spyware isn't CAUCE's direct area of concern, the legal remedies overlap with those against spam, and the bits of the government that address spyware are the same ones that address spam. The ASC has had several private meetings to work on policy; Neil Schwartzman and John Levine attended the meetings held in Chicago and Berkeley, California in recent months.
The ASC will be holding public events on February 9, 2006 in Washington D.C. and on May 16, 2006 in Ottawa.