Spam infrastructures have evolved to become formidable means of delivery of a diverse and growing set of cyber attacks, from financial fraud and business compromise to political influence and malware campaigns. Central to these attacks is an ever increasing dependency on and exploitation of domain names and the domain name system (DNS).


We welcome Dave Piscitello, formerly VP of Security at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to the CAUCE Board. Since 2005, Dave has been practicing at the nexus of domain abuse and mitigation. He has been instrumental in bringing operational security, law enforcement, and Internet Identifier communities together to confront abuses of the Internet name space. Dave has sought to raise cross-community awareness of abuses and misuses of domain names and the DNS by studying and calling attention to policy vacuums and weaknesses, by promoting abuse reporting systems that can help governance bodies and lawmakers make informed decisions , and by delivering DNS investigations training programs for law enforcement.