Here at CAUCE, we don't often post articles unrelated to spam law, but this piece by RSA is remarkably well-written and relevant to all Internet users, particularly during these days of high unemployment. Scam job offers to 'work at home' have appeared on legitimate sites such as LinkedIn, Craiglist, and, and even in the classified sections of newspapers. Before accepting such a position, or even engaging the scammers in a discussion please ask yourself 'would anyone really pay me several thousand dollars to receive high-priced goods, or cash their cheques, and if so WHY?' Such workers end up on the hook for receiving stolen goods, or bank fraud, the scammers leave the workers holding the bag. Do yourself a favour, and don't get involved in such scams. If you are wondering if it sounds too good to be true, it always is.

Deep Inside a Reshipping Scam: Mules Victimized by "Air Parcel Express"

by RSA FraudAction Research Lab on 11/12/2009
Since last fall the RSA FraudAction Research Lab has tracked several different reshipping scams engineered by online fraudsters to "Cash Out" merchandise purchased using stolen payment cards through the involvement of mules. We will profile one such scam in-depth — Air Parcel Express — that was discovered by RSA. First we will outline who is involved in a reshipping scam and how they generally operate.