All too predictably, after the recent earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand, spammers are taking advantage of people's natural kind inclinations and sending out spam for fake earthquake relief organizations. If you do want to send something, send it through one of the organizations below, which are known to be genuine:

  • ´╗┐Canterbury Earthquake Appeal. Currently no web page, donate via ANZ Bank account number 01-1839-0188939-00, or National Bank account number 06-0869-0548507-00
  • NZ Red Cross, or Kiwibank account number: 38-9009-0759479-00 or ASB bank account number 12-3192-0015998-02
  • Salvation Army or Westpac Bank account number 03-0207-0617331-00
  • SPCA- Canterbury , or Westpac account number 03-0802-0586429-00
  • Bank donation accounts, run by major NZ banks: 
    • ASB Bank account number 12-3205-0146808-00
    • BNZ Bank account number 02-0500-0982004-000