OPTA, the anti-spam Regulator today announced a fine of 100,000 euroes was levied against Companeo SA for sending 15,000,000 spam messages in 2009

Here's a translation of the news release, from the original Dutch:

The OPTA, the Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority, has Companeo SA a fine of
100,000 dollars for sending spam to mostly business recipients. "Sending spam is forbidden
because it causes a lot of frustration and unnecessary costs. Trust in the Internet is
important, especially now that more and more people online are active. "Stresses Chris
Fonteijn, president of OPTA. Companeo sent from late 2009 to early 2011 nearly 15 million
commercial e-mails which was not authorized, or careless manner in which consent was
requested. Companeo stopped the offense, after examination by OPTA was informed of the

No permission or careless OPTA is the case on the track thanks to complaints
www.spamklacht.nl . There are a total of 680 complaints about these mailings. The
complainants stated that they Companeo the newsletter and / or emails from
vraaguwofferte.com received, as she had not given here. What was going on? Through the
website of Companeo entrepreneurs can request a custom quote. This application enables
entrepreneurs to check whether they are for the newsletter Companeo to enroll and / or
offers of "Companeo partners' wishes to receive. This is twice the error Companeo detail.
First, the company added all e-mail addresses to its mailing list, whether consent had
been given or not. Secondly, the request for consent on behalf of 'Companeo partners' so
unclear that an entrepreneur when checking it could have no idea who it was held mail.
These mails were sent by vraaguwofferte.com making it for entrepreneurs at all clear was
that the message came from Companeo.

Companeo can still objection and appeal against the fine.

Knowing what is allowed if you electronic messages?