CAUCE collects and uses some personal information about people who visit its web site and who join. We limit use of this information to the minimum needed to carry out CAUCE’s operations.

Web site visitors

Our web servers keep the same logging information that most web sites do, including the numeric IP address of the host that made each request. The servers use cookies to manage web sessions. We do not display third party advertisements and do not disclose web server data to third parties. We may report aggregate statistical data that does not identify individuals, e.g., "in April our site had 123 visitors from Canada and 456 from the United States."

Members and mailing lists

If you choose to join CAUCE, we will request enough information to service your membership. At the basic no-charge level, we request your name, e-mail address, and ZIP or post code. At paid levels, we also request your full mailing address and payment information such as a credit card number. We will use your personal information to contact you about matters related to CAUCE. If you join CAUCE or sign up for any of our mailing lists, we will send you e-mail from time to time. All memberships and list signups are confirmed, and you can opt-out of mail at any time.

If you choose to pay with a credit card, we share enough information with our credit card processor to figure out when and how much you’ve paid. This information does not include your card number, which the processor has but we do not.

Electronic mail

You may write to us at,, and other e-mail addresses. We handle received mail as we believe appropriate, which may involve forwarding it in whole or part to third parties. Hence, mail to use is not confidential. Please do not e-mail us information that you believe to be private.

Canadian members: The offices of CAUCE NA are located in the United States. Although Canadian PIPEDA does not apply, we believe that we handle personal information in compliance with PIPEDA. Access to information is limited to officers and designated agents of CAUCE NA.