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Twitter’s Spam Headache: More Than 10 Mil Accounts Might Be Bogus

FCC : “Prior express written consent” needed for calls and SMS to cell phones.

Next-Gen Spam: Quality Over Quantity

UAB takes aim at spammers, phishers, and purveyors of malware

FTC Warns of Utility Bill Scam That Asks for Payment via GreenDot, Paypal or Prepaid Gift Card

Thousands of hacked WordPress sites used in global scale DDoS attacks

Stephen Colbert incites spam assault on YouTube’s spam assault

Facebook and YouTube contain the most spam of all social networks

Social Spam Rose 355% In The First Half Of 2013

Social Spam Invades The Enterprise

Straight Talk: Phishing scam plagues Netflix

Uncovered: Predatory fraudsters

Google’s Gmail Keyword Scanning May Violate Wiretap Law

Telecel Zimbabwe accused of targeting Econet subscribers with SMS spam

What is POTRAZ’s position on spam SMSes?

Return of SpamSoldier Spam Bot Threatens Android Community

Privacy Commissioners Struggle to Confront Surveillance Issues at Annual Conference

FTC Brings First Case Alleging Text Messages Were Used In Illegal Debt Collection Scheme

FTC Halts Elusive Business Opportunity Scheme