In April, I stayed at the Hotel Carelton in San Francisco. Today, I received an email sent on their behalf with some interesting headers:

From: Joie de Vivre <> (1)

Subject: 20% Off Our Best Available Rates For A Limited Time!!!

Date: July 26, 2012 12:12:01 PM PDT

To: Neil Schwartzman <>

Reply-To: Joie de Vivre <>

N.B.: Neither the From: nor the reply-to are ostensibly related to Hotel Carleton. 

Now, I never signed up to be on their mailing loist, but I figured I'd give them a break and unsubscribe, so I clicked this link (again, seemingly unrelated to the hotel)

Now here's the thing that really got my goat, the landing page on the unsubscribe:

Thank You!

We have removed from our list. 

We do not provide your information to any other company ever and we will not contact you again at this email address.

Thank you for helping us maintain a true opt-in list.

A true opt-in list, just for the record, would be one that I signed up to, not one that I was forcibly subscribed to, pending my unsubscribe.You're welcome.


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