CAUCE, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail, and the Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute (LII) are pleased to welcome Port25 Solutions as the newest sponsor of the Inbox Project,

The Project provides an expertly maintained online resource about the law related to electronic mail in the United States and elsewhere. Hosted at the LII’s legal archive, the project is maintained by the LII’s students, with advice and oversight from CAUCE leadership.

“The Inbox Project provides a single authoritative source for e-mail and spam law” said CAUCE president John Levine. “Our joint work with the LII lets us ensure that it’s accurate and up to date, and available to everyone who needs it.”

“Port25 has been fighting spam through best of breed mail software for over a decade” said Port25’s Fred Tabsharani. “Our support of the Inbox Project fits well with our continuing efforts to maintain a clean thriving e-mail environment.”

About Port25

Port25 was formed in 1999 by email infrastructure veterans to address the specific needs of email marketers. It was clear then – and now more than ever – that specialized email infrastructure solutions are required to address current unique and evolving trends.  It’s the proven choice among cloud -based enterprises as well.  The specialized multi-threaded architecture that we developed to meet these needs continues to deliver significant throughput advantages and has provided an ideal platform for advanced control, delivery intelligence, and, tracking features essential to senders in today’s environment.


CAUCE, the Coalition Against Unsolicited E-mail, is the oldest grass-roots anti-spam organization. It was founded in 1998 as a virtual organization, and reorganized in 2006 as a not-for-profit trade association.

CAUCE board members work for the right of the Internet end-user to enjoy online privacy by working toward legal and regulatory protections. We do this through collaborative work with governments: bureaucrats, law enforcement and regulatory agencies, and politicians.


John Levine, President, CAUCE,, (646) 570-1224,
Fred Tabsharani, VP Marketing, Port 25,, (510) 526.3733