CAUCE North America Debuts – New anti-spam advocacy group combines CAUCE
Canada and CAUCE US

Montreal and Los Angeles, June 06, 2007 — Neil Schwartzman, chair of CAUCE
Canada, and Scott Hazen Mueller, chair of CAUCE U.S., today announced the
formation and launch of CAUCE North America to build upon the work of their
previously separate organizations.

CAUCE North America is now the premiere anti-spam advocacy group,
representing the interests of the millions of Internet users in North
America. The combined group will work towards equitable solutions for the
original threat posed by spam since the 20th century, and Spam 2.0, the
21st-century blended threat posed by the merging of spam, viruses, phishing
and malware.

"When we launched the original CAUCE, back in 1997," said Scott Hazen
Mueller, founder of CAUCE U.S. and now President of CAUCE North America,
"spam was an isolated problem and it was seen by many as unimportant. Now,
spam is part of a multi-pronged assault by various criminal organizations
attacking the very basis of trust on the Internet. If this threat is not
met soon, users will continue to migrate away from the Internet for their
commercial needs."

press contact:

Tel . +1 303 800 6345

"CAUCE's mission has always been about making the Internet safe for users,
and promoting responsible Internet commerce," said Neil Schwartzman, founder
of CAUCE Canada and now Executive Director of CAUCE North America. "This new
structure will allow us to work more directly towards those goals, and
provides a stronger, united voice for Internet users in North America and
around the world."

'As regional and global cooperation becomes ever more important, CAUCE North
America will be a key policy partner for organizations and companies
committed to protecting consumers online' said Ari Schwartz, Deputy Director
of the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT).

Richard Simpson, Director General of the Electronic Commerce Branch of
Industry Canada commented 'As a member of our Task Force on Spam, Neil
Schwartzman and CAUCE Canada has been a valuable source of information and
advice in our efforts to combat spam. CAUCE Canada has also been a strong
voice for Canadian Internet users, and this role can only be enhanced with
the strengthening of the organization through CAUCE North America. I look
forward to continuing our productive partnership with CAUCE through CAUCE
North America'

CAUCE's new Program Board will direct the activities of the organization in
this 21st-century anti-spam arena. In addition to Board members from the
previous CAUCE organizations, CAUCE NA will appoint new members reflective
of the broader community in which it will be operating.

CAUCE was originally launched in 1997 as the Coalition Against Unsolicited
Commercial E-mail, with a primary goal of educating and assisting the US
Congress in their first, halting steps towards anti-spam legislation. The
US CAUCE organization was the original parent to CAUCE Canada, EuroCAUCE
(Europe), APCAUCE (Asia-Pacific), CAUBE.AU (Australia), and finally iCAUCE,
the international umbrella group for all CAUCE affiliates.

About CAUCE North America: CAUCE North America is an incorporated
not-for-profit company and advocacy organization working on behalf of
individual computer end users who are impacted by the blended threat of
spam, spyware, phishing and zombies.

CAUCE North America provides resources and education in this regard to governments, policy makers and law enforcement agencies.

CAUCE North America maintains membership in, and representation to such industry associations as
The London Action Plan
The Anti-spyware Coalition
The International Telecommunications Union
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
The Internet Research Task Force
The Canadian Federal Task Force on Spam
The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group