Canada's proposed anti-spam law is up for discussion. The main information page is here. CAUCE will present to the Industry, Science & Technology committee (INDU) today in favour of the bill. The proceedings will be webcast.  Our presentation and a Q&A Sheet will be made available at 15:30 eastern, today


Clement urges committee to delete spam quickly – Canwest news Service

Canada Bill has Key Differences from Can Spam – Direct Marketing

The Canadian Marketing Association applauded the bill. "This is important news for legitimate marketers and good news for consumers," said the CMA's president and CEO, John Gustavson, in a statement. "Through rigorous enforcement and the backing of the federal government, we will now have a law that will help combat what has been an ongoing problem for legitimate companies that use the Internet to grow their business."

Parliament to start working on anti-malware law – IT World Canada

"I sense that there's broad support for this legislation amongst all parties in the House," Michael Chong, the chair of the Industry, Science and Technology committee

Chong's optimism that the bill can be dealt with relatively quickly was
echoed by the Liberal's Industry critic
, who said some wording only
needs to be "tightened up," and by the head of an association
representing independent Internet providers, who said his group has no

The task force included Tom Copeland, who heads the Canadian
Association of Internet Providers, which represents independent ISPs,
and Suzanne Morin, assistant general counsel for Bell Canada.
it has been disbanded, an Industry Canada official briefed task force
members on May 19 on the fine points of the proposed bill. "By and
large there really weren't any significant concerns,"
recalled Copeland
in an interview.