Facebook won an immense judgement against Montreal, Canada spammer and phisher Adam Guerbuez.

Guerbuez has a storied history, having been found arrested for uttering threats in 1997, charged with murder in 2000, faced marjuana charges in 2004 and perhaps most interestingly his online presence which began in 2003, he interviewed in the Montreal Mirror about his bum-fighting (homeless people paid to beat one another) websites crazypricks.com and bumvision.com. Currently he runs ballervision.com

Facebook's lawyers submitted this affidavit to the court outlining the character of Mr. Guerbuez, including his involvement with Neo-Nazi groups, and his criminal past.

CAUCE has been quoted today in the aftermath

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CAUCE President John levine also has some commentary on his personal blog
The Globe and Mail quotes Federal Task Force on Spam member Michael Geist regarding the lack of Canadian spam law and enforcement.

The Montreal Gazette makes note of Guerbuez' notorious past

Mr. Guerbuez's personal blog refutes any notoriety.